Thursday, January 13, 2005

picture this!

woohoo!!! my surprise parcel was from the loveliest blogger in utah - the cutest puppy dog notepad and two absolutely divine photo frames. thank you!!

sometime last week, my manager asked me to call one of our employer customers who was having trouble using our website. after some attempts to get it sorted, he had sent a letter of complaint to the ceo of the fund (the people who pay us to administer their accounts...) that was not responded to and was threatening to take his business elsewhere. i called up and the gentleman i spoke to was very friendly and even admitted that he was partly at fault. anyway, we talked through the problem and sorted it all out, i reconciled his account so that the payments were where they should be and called him back to confirm that all was well. he has written another letter to the ceo with some rather glowing praise for me - i have been given some points for the reward and recognition scheme and i believe that i will probably hear from the ceo himself...

on january 29th, i'm going to this - should be excellent!

i'm a very lucky girl!

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
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