Monday, April 11, 2005

dig it

went to see 'DiG!' at the valhalla tonight with miss e and her friend r - a great film. i was aware of 'brian jonestown massacre' but did not know any of their music and i've liked 'the dandy warhols' but never quite got around to buying their music. there are some very crazy people in this world but they are usually the most creative. go see it!! i'm sufficiently intrigued to search out some of their cds.

more good music - i made another order on amazon uk for two more cds last monday - and they arrived today, straight into my letterbox so no trip to the post office required. check today's 'music to my ears' to see what i'm listening to now!

on another totally unrelated note, my old boss and friend rc has suggested that there may be a job for me where he is currently working. it is not a sure thing yet as they are trying to recruit internally but i'm certainly interested... we're going to get together this week to sort out my cv so that if it happens, i'll be prepared. more news as it happens...

an 11 day which is 110% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
y'all get scared now, ya hear! - the reindeer section
songs for polar bears - snow patrol
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