Sunday, April 24, 2005

sunshine, lollipops & rainbows (without the lollipops...)

weeeee!! i am having a great weekend on the sunshine coast even if it has rained a lot. nisi and her family are totally adorable. the party last night was a lot of fun, although i was a bit daunted by being with 70 complete strangers. today we went down to the beach - so beautiful, so deserted, so fine! i wish i could find a beach like it in sydney! i'll be back home tomorrow - i wish i could stay on holidays forever...

an 11 weekend which is 110% of the RLWDHA. a million bazillion gazillion bonus points because i have spent the weekend playing with nisi's and her neighbour's dogs!!

  1. Detachment:: self-contained
  2. Regard:: observe
  3. Community:: centre
  4. Strike three:: you're out!
  5. Congregation:: gathering
  6. Generous:: giving
  7. Pretention:: bullshit
  8. Pregnant:: not me!
  9. Drinking:: yes, a nice rose
  10. Brilliance:: guinness