Friday, April 08, 2005


do you ever get the feeling that the universe is pointing you in the right direction? serendipitous little moments that just tell you things are going exactly as they should...

the goodness continues - the company i work for recently took on another huge client and the transition was apparently completed with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction. today, all staff were given a double movie pass... that's another two movies that i wont have to pay to see - yeah!

normally, the week after a 2 week break is the slowest week in your life but this week has disappeared so quickly and i still have memories of having had a holiday. you've got to love a week like that.

a 5 day which is 50% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
everybody loves a happy ending : tears for fears
waiting for the siren's call : new order
hopes & fears : keane
hot fuss : the killers
dreams : evermore
abc 702