Friday, July 16, 2004

an aussie legend

after a thursday spent quietly resting (and blogging), i woke up with my voice restored this morning, which is a good thing as i was determined to be at souths juniors tonight, singing along to richard clapton, playing live. what a guy. is it any wonder he is still playing after 30 years? i'm a very happy girl. i think i have now forgiven him for cancelling the show i was supposed to go to on my birthday. even miss e was impressed - the unimpressable, indie, alternate jjj listener that she is. apart from having to wait 45 minutes to get a drink, it was an awesome show. i kept thinking to myself, "look at all the old ducks grooving along and reliving their youth" and then i realised i'm not much younger... i keep forgetting that i'm 43...

a perfectly fabulous ten dog day.

the final straw : snow patrol
richard clapton : LIVE in front of me - yippee!!!!!!!

i have to be at work at 8.30am so i'm off to bed now. seeya!