Wednesday, July 21, 2004

welcome wednesday

i was too tired to blog last night. i did a bit of a bloglurk but then had to lie down. i tried very hard to stay awake to see 'franz ferdinand' on 'rove live' but was asleep long before they came on. it doesn't matter that i missed them, because i'm going to see them tomorrow night at the metro!

today was an altogether better day. it is still cold but no rain. i managed to get up early but faffed about too much and got to work later than i planned. it worked out well as it saved me having waste time before going out for dinner with harryo and mjr. we had thai at 'sumalee' in the bank hotel at newtown. bloody expensive, but the servings are HUGE! there was an ocean of tom kha pla leftover so i had it put into a takeaway container so it would not got to waste, planning a nice lunch tomorrow... huh... silly susan left it on the seat at the bus stop. i hope some homeless person finds it and enjoys it (it was cold enough at circular quay that i don't think lack of refrigeration will spoil it...)

i might not be posting much in the next few days. miss e and i are off to the metro tomorrow night. i have my rostered day off on friday. my mother is coming to visit and then miss e and i will get the train home with her. we're going to stay overnight at my parent's place on friday, after seeing 'eskimo joe' at the roxy and then i have a 'christmas in july' party at mrs jane's on saturday. despite all that, i'm sure i'll find time to chuck something in here.

franz ferdinand : franz ferdinand
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