Wednesday, July 14, 2004

guess who...

...had her grump on last night??? sorry!!!

a much happier 8 dog day susan today despite a scratchy throat and slowly diminishing voice. currently sipping on a nice hot lemon juice, honey and garlic potion (juice of one lemon, a big squirt of honey and one chopped fresh garlic clove. put it in a glass and whack it in the microwave until it bubbles - use a spoon to slowly get it down your neck - the best cure i know for a sore throat.) will do a warm salt water gargle before bed and should be as right as rain come morning (i hope...)

had a chat with mr kim this evening. he is currently up the coast, visiting his family. he was making me jealous by describing the night sky - there are no city lights to drown out the stars up there, so more stars than sky. one of my most favourite visions from this planet.

the last broadcast : doves

good night