Saturday, July 31, 2004

mountain climbing

ha ha ha... the most climbing we did was walking up the main streets of leura and katoomba (after walking down them first - the train stations are at the top of the hill). we got the 8.00 train and miss e and i spent the 2 hour trip gossiping and knitting furiously at our scarves. our first stop was leura. we had some brunch at the leura gourmet - hot chocolate and turkish toast with strawberry jam - yum! we wandered down and back up the main street and bought some candles from here - a fabulous candle store. at this shop i bought some 'no worry beads' - an aussie version of worry beads - smooth wooden beads on a leather thong, with a resin bead on the end. very relaxing to hold and play with. miss e bought a little wooden spinning top. (just after getting of the train, we ran into jill, a lady i worked with a couple of years ago. she lives in leura so i was not too surprised. it was lovely to see her and it turns out that she is working just across the road from me. we're going to catch up for lunch soon!)

when we were shopped out in leura, we caught the next train to katoomba - again we wandered up and down the main street but were more restrained in our purchases. we went up to the carrington hotel and had a look around and took some photos. we then had a yummy late lunch at a funky little cafe, looked in a couple of second hand shops, bought some bread and chocolate and then had a cider at the pub near the station. we didn't take the tourist trail as it is all too much to do in one day. we're thinking of going back again before the end of winter and staying for the weekend and checking out the three sisters and all the other things there are to see and do up there.

two very tired girls then got the 4.24 train home. i had a wee nap on the way home and now i'm off to bed.