Sunday, July 18, 2004

stormy sunday

last night and today the weather got wild & windy and bloody cold. not as cold as what is experienced by some of my blogging friends in canada and the usa but cold all the same. the sun tried in vain to come out but gave up and let the wind take over. it rained intermittently but only when the wind let up - i think the wind made it hard for the rain to make it to the ground.

i was quite content to spend the day blogcruising, blogtweaking and reading 'white ninja comics' but eventually decided it would be a good idea to get off my butt and do the washing and some housework. later on, miss shell called to see if i wanted to go bowling - she has a new ball that needed to be drilled and the guy who does it is only available on sundays. to make life easier, we decided to pre-bowl for tomorrow night so....
let's go bowling!
89, 131, 124 for me. 137, 148, 146 for shell. we'll find out next week how the rest of the team went.

anyway, it is time for some

  1. Nostalgia:: reminiscing
  2. Irreplaceable:: one of a kind
  3. Odd:: socks
  4. James Spader:: white palace
  5. Flamboyant:: liberace
  6. Intense:: concentration
  7. Simple:: simon
  8. Septic:: tank
  9. Ton:: 907.18474 kilograms
  10. Turkey:: 3 strikes

today's soundtrack:
the last broadcast : doves
the final straw : snow patrol (twice)
hopes & fears : keane
son of evil reindeer : the reindeer section
elemental : tears for fears