Thursday, July 29, 2004

lost in the 70's

a rather nice thursday. went over to visit miss e after work. we feasted on pickled onion 'monster munch' and salt & vinegar 'squares' - she's been to 'treats from home' again. after snacking we had home made moussaka for dinner - very yummy and i even ate the eggplant!!

today's soundtrack:
the last broadcast : doves
and to explain the post title...
due to the radio this morning and a visitor who came here searching for doug ashdown lyrics, i had to get out my old 70's compilation cds and have been playing selected songs:
winter in america : doug ashdown (at least three times)
i'll be around : doug parkinson (twice)
year of the cat : al stewart
gasoline alley : the hollies
eleanor rigby : zoot
dear prudence : doug parkinson
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
it's because i love you : master's apprentices
the real thing : russell morris

good night.