Thursday, December 22, 2005

back soon!

feeling a little bit seedy this morning - the silly season partying is catching up on me. had to be at work early for 3 hours of training in telephone skills - ha ha ha...

did a spot of shopping at beastgardens tonight. i've gone all girly and bought another skirt - that is 3 in the last few weeks. for a girl who so rarely wears skirts or dresses, i'm rather surprised.

11:00pm update:: ooh! ooh! ooh! i won another cd on the radio tonight and had a request played. geez, my voice sounded sooooooo awful when i heard the playback of my little conversation with the dj - i sound like a man!! a man with a dodgy voice!! eek!!

a thrashingly thrilling 30 thursday which is 300% of the RDDHA!!! 20 dogs alone on the trip to beastgardens. infinite bon(e)us points and therefore infinite happiness for anyone who wants to share the love :)

music to my ears
the runaway found : the veils
silent alarm : bloc party
vega 95.3

off to the ancestral estate tomorrow and expect to be back on tuesday.

wherever you are and whatever you do,
i wish you all the very best for a
happy, safe and love-filled holiday.

thanks to A.Cole for the free clip art!