Thursday, December 08, 2005


stumbling along over here. summer has hit in a big way - was too bloody hot yesterday. there was another blackout in the city but at least the air-con came back on fairly soonish, although we had no computers for 3 hours... i am becoming an expert at envelope stuffing. had a yummy, yummy thai dinner with harryo last night - nice food and nice cold air-con. i'm going to join him at his company christmas party next week - a harbour dinner cruise - should be fun. (if i post it here, i can't very well back out and withdraw and not go... if you don't get a review by thursday night, you can yell at me :)

i should stop moaning about my piddling problems and ask my visitors to spare a thought for my fellow blogger, babs, of spazzymoto's revenge. a fine blogger and funny lady - read all about her dental misadventures here and send her some sissy-mary namby-pamby love and hugs.

a 7 day which is 70% of the RDDHA

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tourist : athlete
antics : interpol
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