Tuesday, December 06, 2005

fighting back

well, you may or may not have noticed that i have been a bit down lately (surely it is not that obvious!) i know that self-diagnosis via the internet is not a good idea but i do believe that i am suffering from depression (more to the point, i'm finally willing to admit to it...) today i made the decision to speak to my doctor about it and explore the options that are available. just my luck, she was not there today. not willing to discuss it with a strange doctor, i have started working it out for myself.

i had two rather long conversations today (one with 'the professor' and another with the lovely 'cg') that confirmed i have some fabulous friends who love and care about me. this has made me realise how much i have been withdrawing from and avoiding my friends. this in turn made me call miss e, in a fit of tears, because i realised that i have been avoiding her and that means that i am really in trouble as she is the one person who knows all my secrets and i know i can rely on at any time, day or night. we have worked out an interim strategy to play with until my doctor returns, but she does agree that i need to seek proper help.

things may be a bit wobbly around here for a while, and i certainly don't intend this to be become a whinge'n'moan blog, but stick around and watch me fight the blahs once and for all.

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