Sunday, December 11, 2005

clashing colours

a very quiet weekend, catching up on some badly neglected housework. not a lot to report; apart from the arrival of my playstation. i have been very restrained and had a quick play to make sure it all worked. i think i might go and play some more now :)

30 seconds later edit:: ooh! ooh!! they're playing a documentary about the clash on abc2, i might just have to watch that first. seeya!

unconscious mutterings
1. Stalker:: night...
2. Outrageous:: fortune
3. Carrying:: on
4. Spirited:: away
5. Oh!:: calcutta
6. Grid:: swamp thing
7. Country:: of origin
8. Karen:: carpenter
9. Candles:: sixteen
10. Relationship:: counselling

a not many weekend but the RDDHA has been topped up by visits to some pug blogs. i am so going to have a wee puggy companion one day (with a matching blog!)