Tuesday, December 20, 2005

*bah humbug!

i signed on to msn tonight and had a quick chat with nisi. as i about to log off, this person logged in. we've had the odd chat since our day out but never quite got around to seeing a movie and sharing a huge bucket of pecan-caramel popcorn. such is life - he is off home to vancouver on friday. the ego/self-esteem got a nice stroking when he told me that meeting me was a 'plus' . luckily, with the joy of msn, we can keep in touch. i'm so glad i got to have a farewell chat today.

our team christmas party is on tomorrow. it starts at 3.30pm and goes till 7pm. looks like a very short work day tomorrow :) yeah!

*trying hard to keep my inner ebenezer at bay...

if you like to tangle your brain, have a go at this - a little dog and a lot of fun. even i worked it out eventually!!

and for the cat lovers... i've seen these before and was very pleased to find them again on flickr. truly astounding pictures of some really gorgeous cats.

a 8 day which is 80% of the RDDHA. a bucketload of bon(e)us points for the two city dogs, one in hyde park and one in the pet store. some kitty bonus points for the 5 kittens in the pet store who were very active, curious and cheeky.

music to my ears
hopes and fears : keane
hot fuss : the killers
vega 95.3 - they are playing tears for fears right now - susan heaven :)