Tuesday, December 13, 2005

double take with extra cheese

i went to market research meeting last night - money for old cheese! $90, cold hard cash to discuss the merits of cracker barrel cheese and pick apart the possible designs for new packaging for the existing range and a gourmet range that they are planning on unleashing on an unsuspecting public.

today was just a normal 3rd daughter day. get up, go to work, come home, get on the net, have some dinner, back on the net :)

just so otto does not think i have abandoned her, here is a belated effort at...

monday madness! otto says " It's all about words! For the following, please list as many words as you wish...".

1. Words most commonly mispronounced.
um, any word that can have an extra syllable added like nuclear and film (along with just about all other words, really...)
then there is prostrate/prostate & crutch/crotch (they always appear to be substituted for one another...)
2. Words used improperly.
i really, really hate it when people say/write 'could/should/would of' when they mean 'could/should/would have'. that really, really pisses me off!!
don't get me started on the frustration trying to explain to someone that there is a difference between 'then' and 'than' - this person had used them willy-nilly throughout a business document and was so adamant that there is no difference that i started to doubt myself...
3. Words most often misspelled. in my experience, just about every word ever invented. this human spell checker cannot find space to list them all here...
4. Words or phrases that you feel are over-used. 'going forward', 'hit the ground running', 'oh, susan will you stop banging on'...

a 7/11 montuesday which is 90% of the RDDDHA. yesterday there were two city dogs, one of whom was also a dog in a car. add to that another dog in a car today making bonus point galore already. last night on the way to the bus stop, i got to play with the cutest puppy and then today on the way to work, i stopped in at the pet shop in mid-city centre and had my fingers nipped by three of the world's cutest jack russell pups. because this is my game, my rules, i have added a 'supersize it' option to the RDDHA - if i get to pat or play with any of the daily dogs, there is an automatic bestowal of unending infinite bon(e)us points. i so gotta get me a doggy companion...

music to my ears
elemental : tears for fears
songs from the big chair : tears for fears
seeds of love : tears for fears
it's my life : talk talk
the best of : james
singles : new order
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the best of : new order
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