Wednesday, March 17, 2004


being payday, i went to get some money from the bank. insufficient funds - what the fuck! called the payroll girly as soon as i got to work. the usual bullshit. someone else's error. they did a manual pay and it better be there tomorrow before the rent goes out... i think the universe is pointing it's boot directly at my butt and telling me it's time to bail out of this place. here i come!!

this was followed by one of those days that you just wish would be over. got stuck on a call that came in at 7.55pm for 15 minutes, which took me ten minutes past my log out time. there was another call waiting and he had waited the entire 15 minutes so i was kind and stayed on to take that call. the member was very nice about it and luckily i sorted him out very quickly. i didn't get home until 9.00pm and ended up having toast for dinner - no money, no supermarket visit... i really gotta get me a new job - one that pays more $$$$$$... i'm sick of being perpetually poor.

enough ranting!!!

things to be thankful for today:
miss e and her ongoing support
a mid week chat with colorado tim
a call from my old mate sb - we're going to catch up soon
the boys at i'm starving who trust me enough to let me have my coffee on credit

what are you thankful for on this thursday?

and yes, i am obsessed with the pretty colours...