Wednesday, March 24, 2004

double the blah

had a bad night's sleep with an attack of the gallstones at some ungodly hour. a couple of panadeine forte and a maxolon and i managed to get some more sleep. glad i had the late shift.

went to see my doctor about the blahs. we're going to work on something to try and fix it.

my first caller of the day was a right bitch, i ended up in tears after i hung up. at least the day got better. kt and shell worked overtime so i got the bus home with them. kt gave me a lovely big hug while we were waiting at the bus stop. he really should hug for australia - we'd get all the gold medals!

all i can say is Wednesday Whatevers
1. What are your views on pornography? i don't have any views on it because i don't view it. each to his own, as long as it does not involve children or degradation of women.
2. What would you like done to your body when you die? cremation followed by scattering of my ashes off a ferry into sydney harbour.
3. Would you rather eat your tongue or your hand? neither but forced to choose, my hand.