Sunday, March 21, 2004

mid life crisis

all these blasts from the past have sent me into a downward spiral. they have brought up a whole lot of memories, good and bad. i'm probably giving away too much here but it helps to put it out to the universe. i have to accept that i'm no longer young, gorgeous and carefree and that i can never go back to those days. i'm older (and hopefully wiser), still gorgeous and careful - the here and now is what is important. i may yet try to make contact with the 1977 crush, but i will let the universe look after it for now. thanks to eg in nz for the 4hrs of conversation that have helped put things back in perspective and put me back into a positive mood. the *wicked* laugh even made a very rare appearance.

enough rambling, how about some

  1. Wife:: trouble & strife
  2. Criminal:: element
  3. Campaign:: manager
  4. Infection:: fever
  5. Portland:: oregon
  6. NASCAR:: boring
  7. IMAX:: dizzy
  8. Martian:: marvin the...
  9. Nike:: no logo
  10. Trial:: and error

Click this thumbnail to see the doggy.

i found this picture today. i'd forgotten about this lovely little chap - he used to be my computer wallpaper. he is just the dog that i want. he lives in provence in the south of france. we were at the market in aix-en-provence and his owner spent ages at one stall chatting with the stallholder. this beautiful dog was so patient, he just stood there waiting, watching the world go by. such a gorgeous dog.

the cd player got a work out this weekend. singing along at the top of my lungs helped (who cares what the neighbours think!)
it's my life : talk talk - the version of "it's my life" by no doubt is ok, but the original is best!
trax australian made - just the best tracks i.e. russell morris:the real thing, eleanor rigby:zoot, one:john farnham, gonna see my baby tonight:la de das (this last one so reminds me of the 1977 crush...)
the very best of 10cc : 10cc
colour blind & galleon : richard pleasance (i'll say it again - a very underappreciated aussie talent)
california dreaming : the mamas & the papas
the very best of : elvis costello - twice

good night