Monday, March 22, 2004

mostly monday...

not a bad day for a monday. the work day went pretty fast, which is a good thing.

eg in nz called again tonight to make sure i was still laughing. he made me laugh again and you've got to love that.

monday madness!

1.) What was your favorite TV show as a child?
too hard!!! i cannot remember... the monkees is the first on to come to my mind.
2.) What show did you hate?
i don't remember hating any...
3.) What show did your family gather around the TV to watch?
happy days, m.a.s.h.
4.) What show is currently your favorite?
don't really have one but like to watch this life on tuesdays if i remember
5.) What show do you hate now?
most reality tv shows

let's go bowling!

i bowled a respectable 138, 137, 113 tonight. i'm happy with that. woo hoo!! we were top of the league after last week's effort! 16 points ahead of the nearest contenders. another 8 points tonight has guaranteed us a another week at the top, at least!! go us!

yawning so bad that i might manage to swallow my own head. i'm off for a kind of early night...