Wednesday, March 31, 2004

the end of an era

tonight, after 3.5 years i had my last tnt session with jt. not an easy decision to make. it is more than likely a temporary thing and done for economic reasons. i will probably restart once i knuckle down and sort out my financial mess. i have learnt a lot about myself and managed to disentangle myself from a lot of inappropriate lifetime habits. i will see how i go - if things get a bit ragged around here, please be patient...

anyway, on to more urgent matters... the 2000th visitor will shortly enter the home of the 3rd daughter. please let me know if it is you!!! welcome! make yourself comfortable, have a look around.
Click this thumbnail to see the kitty.

another picture from the grand european tour of 1999. ths lovely ginger cat lived in the hillside village where we stayed in castello, above valdottavo, near lucca, in tuscany. he was quite happy sitting on this sliver of rock, watching the village dogs with a glint in his eye. i love ginger cats and i want one!

good night. it's nearly 1am. lucky i've got the late shift tomorrow...