Monday, March 15, 2004

fishy fishy!!

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an ocean of thanks to mandarin design daily - who needs a textbook when they have all the answers (for me at least!)

the  monday madness!  continues!

1. What is your solution for cabin fever - you know that feeling of being penned in the house all winter?
i get cabin fever any time of the year... just getting out of the house and going for a walk, whatever the weather.
2. Who are the people in your your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....?
well, it's a bit of a soap opera.
flat 1: relatively new tenants so i don't know much about them.
flat 2: e and her son, k - they look after my budgerigar whenever i have to go away and when the bugspray man came. e's fiance, pm, is often there. he works at the estate agent that manages the building. e's sister also works there.
flat 3: h lives here. she has been in this place for 10 years. i've only got to know her recently as we occasionally get the bus home together - a nice girl.
flat 4: this one is full of uni students - they come and go.
flat 5: the funny old lady lives here - her vicious little dog is quite cute but growls and barks at me.
flat 6: s & t - the parents of e in flat 1. s knows all the gossip but is a lovely lady. she has two lovely cats. one is very scared and hides in the cupboard when visitors arrive.
flat 7: f lives here. he is a bit of a loner. s from flat 6 says that 'he drinks'. sometimes he coughs so much, i think he is dying. he has set the smoke alarms off a few times by leaving cigarettes burning and falling asleep...
flat 8: i used to live in this one but moved to the smaller cheaper one across the hall when i realised i was happier living alone. a girl called m moved in when i moved out. she has had a lot of people sharing the flat with her. when her brother was there, they used to fight like crazy. glad he's gone - it's a bit quieter.
flat 9: again, relatively new tenants. i think they are also uni students. i've not seen much of them.
flat 10: a bunch of youngsters. i think they were students but have now finished uni. they've been a bit rowdy lately, but the place is pretty well sound-proofed.
flat 11: not sure exactly who lives here. there appears to be a core of 2 but people come and go all the time (and i mean alllll the time - all night & day, people are at their door...)
flat 12: that would be me! i've lived here for 3 years (after 6 months in flat 8).
there is also the 7-eleven store, the flight centre and the estate agent on the ground floor.
and don't forget the lovely miss e who lives just across the road!
3. What's the best thing about spring?
it is my favourite time of year. the weather is perfect, the lovely spring flowers come into bloom. it always makes me restless as i seem to have made most of my house moves and job changes in spring. september has always seemed to be a month of change for me (i started blogging in september last year!)
4. Any Easter traditions?
no. i sometimes visit my sister and her family in ballina on the north coast, but not this year. i'm going to stay home and do 'me' things. i might even go to the royal easter show.
5. How old were you believing in the Easter bunny?
what do you mean? of course there is a an easter bunny! the tooth fairy showed me a picture of him... (seriously, i don't remember...)

let's go bowling!

bowled 116, 126, 135 - yeah!! my average has gone up by two points to 119. wont know about points until next week as the other team has a new player with no average or handicap. we're hoping for 10 points. we made equal first last week but the other team is ahead on pinfall. being equal first is good enough!