Thursday, March 18, 2004


my sister called me 4 times today at work - i couldn't check my voicemail until my break and then i could not get hold of her... i finally managed to catch her at about 3pm - she wanted to let me know that my old housemate, julie, had tried to get in touch with me. she had sent my sister an email via a 'schoolfriends' website. my sister also said there were some messages on this site from someone called bob... i asked if there was a surname and she said 'oh, it's something russian sounding' and thought he was a school friend... nope, he just happens to be an old boyfriend from when i was 16. i went all strange and shivery - i knew he was registered on the site but did not think he would remember me - it's been at least 25 years since i've seen him... i have just checked it out for myself and the messages have been there for a year!! i have replied and hope that he has a look at the site occasionally. if not, i will find some courage and call him (yes, i have already checked the online white pages...) this is a man i adored. we had a lot of fun together and i still have photos of him (despite throwing away a lot of photos in a mad junk purge a few years ago). i hope he gets in touch - it would wonderful to find out what he has been up to in all these years.

anyway, back to real life. one of my favourite workmates left today. she is one of the nicest people i've ever met - very sweet and gentle. we went out for some farewell drinks after work and as usual my plans to stay for one and be home early were scrapped in favour of having about 5 ciders and getting home at 10pm. i had fun and that is what matters...