Sunday, March 28, 2004

i saved another hour of daylight...

silly susan forgot that daylight saving had ended and didn't put the clocks back an hour... woke up an hour earlier than i needed to. luckily, when i heard the news i realised the error of my ways and went back to sleep for that precious extra hour.

last night i settled on the couch to watch 'shallow grave'. just as the movie started, the phone rang. it was my old housemate, julie. another blast from the past who was trying to get in touch with me through the schoolfriends site. i've known her since i was 16 - she used to go out with (and almost married) a friend of 1977 crush. we shared a house with 2 other girls when i first left home back in 1981. boy oh boy, did we have some fun! we lost touch some time ago and last spoke about 15 years ago. she has done great things with her life and i'm so proud of her. we plan to catch up next weekend. i'm very much looking forward to seeing her. we spent 2 hours last night laughing over the things we used to get up to. we could easily spend a few days giggling about more.

this afternoon i went to see 'love's brother' with miss shell. sadly, i got a bit bored and nodded off (luckily i didn't snore!!) i missed the main bit so when i woke up, everything had changed and it was almost over... shell enjoyed it very much, it's a pity i didn't.

it's time for...
  1. Pitbull:: nasty
  2. TD:: tracey diane
  3. Carter:: jimmy
  4. Japan:: sushi/sashimi
  5. 50:: half a century
  6. Streak:: naked
  7. Rifle:: range
  8. Trap:: shooting
  9. Easter:: egg
  10. Mitt:: mitten