Sunday, August 01, 2004

sluggish sunday

another bit of fun with typogenerator...

here is my sunday...
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i was soooo tired last night that i was in bed by 10.30pm. this morning, i did not fall from my nest until 11.55am so technically i did not sleep for half of the day... i have done nowt but blogcruise since and it looks like not much else will get done. i'm having a slug kinda day.

  1. Testicles:: possibly the least pretty things ever created :)
  2. Ribald:: raunchy
  3. Auction:: dutch...
  4. Inch:: mile
  5. Tony:: anthony
  6. Phony:: fake
  7. Stool:: toad...
  8. Coyote:: wile e...
  9. Cinderella:: fairy tale
  10. Battery:: duracell bunny
today's soundtrack:
the final straw : snow patrol
hopes & fears : keane
a song is a city : eskimo joe
the last broadcast : doves
son of evil reindeer : the reindeer section

speaking of snow patrol and keane, i got this poster on ebay! yippee!! i did not win it but got it on the 2nd chance option & paid less than the winner so i'm happy!