Saturday, December 18, 2004

a different kind of saturday...

just for something different, today i got up at 7.30am ish and had the washing done by 9.30am. the kitchen is clean, the loungeroom is neat. i've been down to the shops to get the finishing touches for miss e's christmas present. i've sorted and hung all the clothes in my wardrobe and tidied up my bedroom. a much more productive day than my usual saturday slugdom!

i'm posting early as i'm off to miss e's for our christmas catch up. we will drink some champagne so i might not be in a fit state to blog later...

i'll let you know tomorrow how the plum ice cream turns out!

today's soundtrack:
22-20s : 22-20s
dreams : evermore
substance : new order - both discs
soundtrack : he died with a felafel in his hand (only selected tracks)
the definitive anthology : richard clapton