Thursday, December 02, 2004

pack it up

we're moving to a brand new office next monday. while it has been a known thing for months, the day of reckoning is almost here and there was still a lot of crap to be discarded. a fair chunk of the day was spent chucking stuff that had sat under desks and hidden in drawers forever and packing up what was left. all the boxes packed today will be moved tonight. we've all kept the bare essentials to get through friday & tomorrow afternoon we'll pack it into one other box per person and it will magically appear on our nice new uncluttered desks on monday.

had another final lunch with miss marina. i am blessed to have been given the chance to renew our friendship. i will miss our regular lunchtime gossips but we will definitely stay in touch.

went with miss e to the village shopping centre on the way home from work. i wanted to get one of those lanyard things to hang my new photo id card from and some mushrooms for my dinner. i ended up both of those items and some small purple disco balls and gold bell decorations for the tree, a pretty beaded 'thing' to hang in the window, some headbands (brightly coloured thin stretchy ones), some cadbury 'elf' chocolates with those silly 'pop rocks' in them and a new washing basket. all for under $25!! i was also very naughty and bought the 'evermore' album 'dreams'. it's very good! they were the support band when we went to see snow patrol and keane back in july.

right now, i'm treating myself to a yummy mincepie (the woolworths own brand 'premium' ones - really yummy and very cheap - i know it's a bit early but i have to make sure they are ok...) and some very fine, very expensive 'grand marnier' - just a small glass.

today's soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils
dreams : evermore