Thursday, December 23, 2004

grinch be gone

for the first time in many, many years, i'm not so worked up about christmas. i'm even kinda enjoying the silly season. i'm blogging by christmas light - i've just got the tree lights and the ones in the window on. it is very pretty.

tonight i had dinner and a spot of bowling with mrs jane and her husband, mr jim. we had dinner at the local vietnamese restaurant and then had a browse through 'go-lo' - bought 2 shower curtains for $10 each. i don't really need a new one right now but they are very colourful and pretty and i can never find one when i need one. as usual, my bowling was crap - 106, 85, 106 but it was a lot of fun, especially as there was a very cute young red-headed man bowling in the next lane...

today's soundtrack:
the best of : new order