Tuesday, December 21, 2004

fudging it...

tonight i made some of my yummy fudge. luckily the people i work with like it very much. it is too easy to make and eat and i would be quite sick if i had to eat all of it.

try it out!!
500g dark cooking chocolate
1 400ml can skim condensed milk
50g butter
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter

chuck all of the above into a saucepan and stir over low heat until all nicely melted together. (i find that when the mixture stops sticking to the sides of the [teflon coated non-stick] pan, it is ready...) pour into a lightly greased slab tin and refrigerate for at least an hour (i leave it overnight). cut into squares. gobble it down. share it around. make some more!

it is interesting that my communication channels, that have been so blocked for some time, suddenly seem to have reopened with a huge amount of contact happening, far & wide...

a chat with baby g's mum last night - first time in a while.
a response to an sms i sent yesterday to my old bowling buddy & friend, adam - yeah! he's off to germany for january so we'll hopefully catch up next week...
thought of jules today and decided to call her tonight. she beat me to it...
reminded myself to respond to kt in kent's recent mail - there was an email from her waiting in my inbox with the best news - they are moving to oz!!! ok, perth is on the other side of the country but it is better than 17,000km away!!! yeah!!!
a while ago, miss shell gave me some cds to copy to minidisc for her. this morning i put them on the dining table to remind myself to do it tonight. during the day, she called to say she'd pick them up tonight and that there was no need to copy them - she has bought a mini i-pod on ebay (and the cd cases she gave me were empty anyway - doh!!)
sick to death of trying to chat via email, i got mlb in london's work number from him and had a proper voice chat and a very fine laugh. he is a good man and a good friend.

today's soundtrack:
get ready : new order (must remember to put another cd in the discman)
the definitive anthology : richard clapton (again mostly disc 2 to obsessively play angelou... )