Sunday, December 19, 2004

plum - yum!!

christmas dinner mark II was far more successful. no hijacking ex-bfs, just some prawns, salad, bread and plum ice cream (which was totally divine). i think the ice cream maker will stay out of the cupboard for a while. there was also a brief appearance by a bottle of strawberry champagne but it disappeared very fast. it was given to me on my 39th birthday and i just had not got around to drinking it before - it was very, very nice.

sunday update: i forgot to tell you that it was 38°C here today - 12° above average... to escape the heat, i used my filmink freebie and went to see 'a very long engagement' - despite some very graphic war scenes, it is a lovely film - audrey tautou is just gorgeous.

i also forgot to mutter...

  1. Perfect Gift:: some postcards, bookmarks an a beautiful wind chime that came in the mail today... thanks!!
  2. Santa:: ...fe
  3. Lucy:: judith...
  4. Buckets:: keeping up appearances...
  5. Recital:: ...hall
  6. Stamp:: terence...
  7. Teacher:: ...i need you
  8. Matchbox:: redheads
  9. Spit:: ...bridge
  10. Feeling:: more than a...
today's soundtrack:
o : damien rice
the optimist : turin brakes
the definitive anthology : richard clapton (mostly disc 2 to obsessively play angelou... the change in mood had definitely brought about a change in musical tastes...)