Sunday, December 12, 2004

sun and rain

up early today to get the housework out of the way. my dear friend and recently transferred workmate, kt and his partner, mm came to visit. we went over to miss e's to check out her chrissy decos and then had some kfc for lunch. we wandered around the shops for a bit and then came back to my place to watch the dvd of 'whale rider' - a lovely, lovely movie. i've just had a quick chat with colorado tim and that was my sunday!

  1. Plot:: burial (with thanks to kim...)
  2. Farce:: stuffing
  3. Unexpected:: guest
  4. Siren:: song
  5. Ben:: lee
  6. Freshman:: the...
  7. Quicksand:: doesn't actually suck...
  8. 24 hours:: 86,400 seconds
  9. Spunky:: monkey
  10. Vicious:: sid

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national