Monday, December 27, 2004

home, home...

christmas eve was a good day - we only had to work until 12.30pm. after that we had a barbecue lunch on the terrace area of the new office building and then the kris kringle gifts were distributed. after that, we could go home. i got the train to the 'burbs where my mother picked me up from the station. we braved the christmas crush at the supermarket for some last minute items and then went home for a roast pork dinner as only my mother can make it - yum...

christmas day was ok. only 25°C and a bit overcast, which made it bearable. we had a huge christmas breakfast with my sydney sister, her three kids, their dog, my brother-in-law & his parents. the neighbour and her son made a late appearance also. i had one tiny bottle of pink champagne but no-one else would join me :( after breakfast, we opened up all the presents and everyone went their separate ways. i spent the rest of christmas snoozing, watching cable tv and reading old 'womans's day' magazines. boxing day was pretty much the same (without the big breakfast).

now i'm home, back in my own little bolthole and bathing in the the solitariness.

happy susan :)

monday madness!
otto says 'I want to thank my sister Jan for this week's questions! Enjoy!! =)'
1. Which holiday do you celebrate this time of year? (If necessary, modify the following questions to suit your holiday.) i guess you would call it christmas…
2. Do you begin shopping for gifts earlier than Thanksgiving, looking for the perfect gift? If not, when do you begin? well, no, because we don’t have thanksgiving. i usually start in the last few days before christmas eve...
3. Do you only purchase gifts that you know are perfect for the recipient and if you don't find that gift, do you just get anything? i buy gifts that i know they either want or will like. i never buy just anything.
4. Did you receive or give any "obligatory" gifts this year? it is obligatory to give my nieces and nephews cold hard cash as that is all they seem to want. my father gets lottery/scratch tickets as that is all he wants.
5. Do you decorate your tree as evenly as possible or do you skip the areas that are not visible? just the visible bits...
6. Do you like multi-colors on your tree or do you prefer monochrome? multi – the more, the merrier...
7. Did you bake "traditional" cookies, frost them and decorate them? or did you cheat and buy the ready to bake kind? (like I tried) cookies are not tradtional here, except buying a tin of danish butter shortbread cookie type things... i’ve got mine!
8. Are you the host of a holiday gathering? which one? family, work, friends? no, always a guest…
9. With whom do you spend the holiday? my parents and my sisters, sometimes only one sister. the other one lives 800km to the north…
10. How did the holiday turn out? Perfectly? funny mishaps? miss anyone? pretty average. no major dramas, for once i didn’t eat too much, i had some extra cash to spend, the weather was not too hot… despite grinch-be-gone moments, i just cannot get too excited over christmas...

  1. holiday:: cambodia
  2. fault:: ...line
  3. beep:: ...beep, beep beep, yeah
  4. bubble:: jane horrocks
  5. needle:: ...s and pins
  6. fare:: ...well to arms
  7. treat:: ...s from home
  8. express:: ...bus
  9. webcam:: interesting
  10. capital:: ...letter

soundtrack since we last met:
kicking the national habit : grand national
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
dreams : evermore
parachutes : coldplay
a rush of blood to the head : coldplay
the last broadcast : doves