Sunday, January 16, 2005

are you the youngest sibling in your family?

the title question comes from a discussion i had with nisi. she had previously had the same discussion with catboy. if i remember correctly, it is true for both of them and it is true for me. it would be interesting to know just how many bloggers are the youngest in their family...

i had a nice sleep in until 10am today. a day of domesticity - 2 loads of washing, cleaned up the weekly trail of crap that gets left around my flat, cleaned the kitchen and made some lime/passionfruit sorbet. the sorbet may or may not be edible - the recipe said to beat the eggwhite until almost stiff; i think i overdid it. it floated like little meringue islands on top of the sugar syrup/lime juice/passionfruit mixture. i broke up the meringue as best i could and chucked it in the ice cream maker. afterwards, i gave it a blast with the handheld blender thingy. it's in the freezer now. even if i end up with large ice block, it will still taste nice...

today i had a chat with the new tenant who recently moved into the small flat downstairs. she is a lovely young woman and it's always nice to stop and have a chat and coo over her very cute baby daughter. she was saying that in an effort to lose weight and get healthy, she is going to start walking in the evenings and i invited myself to join her. we both know it will be so much easier, having the motivation of a companion. i've got my pedometer out of hiding & we're going to start tomorrow night.

  1. Yoda:: swamp
  2. Mensa:: densa
  3. Pink:: champagne
  4. Text message:: sms
  5. Galactic:: pan... ...gargle blaster
  6. Chicks:: chooks
  7. Quesadilla:: cheese
  8. Backpack:: hostels
  9. Socket:: plug
  10. Compromise:: concession
music to my ears
jjj for a little while