Sunday, January 02, 2005

bowling balls and sugarplums

i seem to have lost the need/desire to spend most of my weekends sleeping. my internal alarm clock finally appears to have caught up with daylight saving time and i'm waking up at 6.30am(ish) most mornings - i snooze a bit more but seem to get bored with that and crawl out of bed at 8.00am. the washing was finished nice and early, followed by a spot of housework (the bathroom still needs a good clean but there is still tomorrow...)

i spent a fair bit of time today working on the 2004 review but only managed to get through two months. (i also managed to update some of the image links but there are still lots to do *sigh*)

tonight, i had a christmas catch up with my good friends, harryo & mr. we went bowling then went to the 'royal hotel' for some dinner. afterwards we went to 'sugarplum' for coffee and ice-cream - yum. lucky mr is off to disneyland/las vegas/grand canyon with his family on january 26th. i had a good chat to harryo about upgrading my computer - i can probably get a decent one built for far less than buying a 'brand' name one. he is going to look into it for me. once i get that sorted, the updating of my old image links will be a doddle - yeah!!

2004 in review (part II)
a sleepy start followed by a big big night out. had some winning moments thanks to a positive mental attitude. questions were asked and i had rant about designer labels. things got a bit dull and selfish for a while. i got a new job which made me a bit potty at the thought of no more late shifts! april ended on a thankful but cheesy note…
bands seen
the morning after girls
movies watched
the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

a mayday trip to the trots to kick off the month. the now departed neighbours from hell pissed me off and so did the new blogger and i’m still having problems with that (until i get around to upgrading my computer). met a new friend who has now disappeared. the wee bloggy was neglected for a while but eventually i got back into the blogmaze. discovered that it really is a small world after all. The neglect continued, but i sorted that out and ended the month with good news!
movies watched
supersize me

music to my ears
chicago's greatest hits : chicago
the very best of : 10cc