Friday, January 07, 2005

*faking it friday...

an average day at work, it is not so much a 'daily grind' any more. i just go in, do what i can do and then come home. in the interests of 'being kind to myself', i'm resisting the usual pattern of becoming overly stressed about things i cannot control. it appears to be working...

went over the road to miss e's for dinner tonight. we were lucky to witness a bit of rooftop theatre. we were up on her roof, which has a nice view of the local rooftops, drinking champagne when we heard some hollering coming from the motel down the road. there some young men on the balcony of their room waving and being boys. we waved back for a bit of a laugh but got a bigger laugh when one of them came out and did a naked dance for us. there was enough distance that we could not see fine detail but it was pretty obvious that there was a naked man dancing for us. we almost choked (with laughter) on our champagne. we went back to watching the lights on the harbour bridge when there was some more hollering. we turned to see what they were up to and there were two more boys on adjoining balconies doing some more naked dancing for us. we giggled some more, safe in the knowledge that they were far enought away so that we would never recognise them if we saw them in the street. it was great to catch up with my treasured friend. after the show, we went back downstairs and caught up on two weeks worth of gossip over some more wine and did not end up eating dinner until 10.30pm and i toddled home, quite under the affluence of incahol at midnight. it was a great night - naked man and catching up with my treasured friend.

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greatest : duran duran
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* i'm faking it by posting this under the timestamp of 11:59pm 07/01/05 when in fact it is 10:35am 08/01/05