Tuesday, January 11, 2005

foong shway

the day started well with a 12 dog bus trip on the way to work and ended as a 16 dog day - 160% of the daily quota - yippee!! i went out at lunchtime in search of some sushi rolls - i've been craving them for weeks and cannot find them in chinatown - is there a japanese enclave in the central end of sydney?? i did find a fabulous little '1-2-3 dollar' shop with heaps of good cheap stuff where i found a nice $2 terracotta pot for my african violet. the boy at the coffee shop where i eventually got my lunch advised me where to go for my sushi rolls - guess what i'm having for lunch tomorrow!

i forgot to tell earlier that on the weekend, my mother gave me some roses from a bush that used to belong to my grandmother and two african violet cuttings. one violet is already in a nice porcelain pot with a budgerigar on it (i have hung the bell from my dear departed boo-boo's cage from it); the other did not have a pot but now it does. i've taken down my christmas tree and in it's place, i now have the violets, the roses in a vase, the little ladybird money box that miss e gave me for christmas and my tall yellow candle. this corner is my feng-shui 'wealth and abundance' corner - i hope it works. now to go work on my 'relationship' corner...

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
abattoir blues : nick cave & the bad seeds
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