Sunday, January 30, 2005


wooo!! what a day! i got up pretty early as i wanted to colour my hair - it is supposed to be dark brown but is decidedly goth black - luckily it will fade... miss e and i got to the cricket ground at about 12:45pm and it was still fairly quiet so we got through the gates pretty quickly. we had a look around, bought a t-shirt and then found our seats. some people sat in seats that belonged to our crowd which made us realise we were the ones in the wrong seats - we had row K but were sitting in row KK - doh!! we were in an uncovered area so it was really, really hot and i seriously thought i would melt. even with hat, sunglasses & liberal slatherings of 30+ sunscreen, my arms, chest and face got a little bit sunburnt - just enough that i'll not be usual ghostly self - it will help offset the goth look of my hair. after about 2hrs of sweating and burning, we noticed that there was a stadium that was only half used as it was directly to the left of the stage so the only way to see the show was via the screens. the view of the stage from our spot was pretty poor anyway so we took a chance and decamped to the unused stadium. it was sooooo much nicer up there and eventually a lot of other people had the same idea. when the sun went down, we moved back to our original seats. the music was good - the finn brothers played a bunch of crowded house favourites, daniel johns from silverchair is looking mighty buff & midnight oil are still fabulous. peter garrett has not lost those funky dance moves - i felt 16 again and went back in my mind to the days of the old stagedoor tavern, where i first saw them play. the crowd was in a happy mood and there was some fun with the camera that panned the crowd - some brave girls did the rock concert thing and bared their breasts and some brave boys bared everything. further entertainment came from watching people taking a running jump over the barrier into the area in front of the stage - they'd make the leap and run off into the crowd - the security guys would chase the first jumper and then his/her mates would jump the fence while the coast was clear. there was a fantastic fireworks display to end the night and a total of $1.6 million was raised for the tsunami relief appeal. to think that i considered not going because i hate crowds - glad i did!!

music to my ears
the waifs, missy higgins, nick cave, kasey chambers, pete murray, the finn brothers, the wrights, john butler trio, silverchair, powderfinger, midnight oil
abc 702

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