Saturday, January 01, 2005

incredible neverland

i stayed up last night to watch the fireworks over sydney harbour on the tv. i challenge anyone to tell me that their city can do a better job of nye fireworks...

having had a relatively quiet nye, i was up early today. i blogcruised for a while then trotted off to the ritz for new years day film double. if you have even the briefest spark of imagination you must see 'finding neverland' and not just because johnny depp & kate winslet are just so perfect. i had to race from cinema 1 up the stairs to cinema 3 to catch 'the incredibles' which is quite incredible and a whole lot of fun.

i'm doing my 2004 review in chunks. i keep getting sidetracked while reading the archives and going off on tangents. here is the first instalment:

the year started well but got a bit blahlike rather early on. was cheered up to get a ladybird for my bloggy and to reconnect with miss marina. had my 1000th visitor & my first blog interview. the month ended with the great cockroach massacre - i warned the little buggers to get out before their fate was sealed!!
bands seen
turin brakes
movies watched
lost in translation
21 grams

the bugbegone spray ended up making me sick. first, i got a bit wheezy, then lost my voice. it got worse and worse and then it got better. at one stage i hit the ground but ended the month on a high note.
movies watched
big fish (2nd time)
lord of the rings : return of the king
mystic river

the 1500th visitor came through the doors early in the month. had a bit of a dummy spit at work and received a gift. this site told me the alleged date of my death - i’ll forget this post by then… things got a bit freaky and fishy at one stage. i was excited get a blast from the past - funny thing is, mr 1977 chose today to reconnect again and i was only talking about him the other night... march closed with a 16 dog day & the end of an era.
bands seen
the panics
movies watched
loves brother
live shows
nancy cartwright

(some of the pictures in the links above wont show because i haven’t yet got around to updating the links to the new server – sorry…)

music to my ears
short note : matt finish
the very best of : elvis costello
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
my favourite bunch of old stuff including:
i'll be around : doug parkinson
winter in america : doug ashdown
rock & roll (i gave you the best years of my life) : kevin johnson
eleanor rigby : zoot
gonna see my baby tonight : la de das
one : john farnham
gypsy queen : country radio
smiley : ronnie burns
dear prudence : doug parkinson
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
because i love you : master's apprentices
the real thing : russell morris
sweet sweet love : russell morris
eloise : barry ryan
baker street : gerry rafferty
angie baby : helen reddy
open your heart : g. wayne thomas
i've got to have you : carly simon
year of the cat : al stewart
gasoline alley : the hollies