Sunday, January 09, 2005

i forgot... tell you that i was off to visit my parents yesterday. my niece and brother-in-law are visiting sydney, so we went out for dinner last night.

i woke up with a mild hangover on saturday. i met up with miss e and we went down to the village shopping centre. i picked up a parcel, we got some go-lo bargains and then had a coffee. i went off to the burbs to see the family afterwards. we went to a local club for the $19.10 all-you-can-eat seafood buffet - i had a lot of yummy prawns. my niece has been dancing for most of her life and won a place in a dance workshop for being 'dancer of the year' so her dad bought her down to sydney for that. i have not seen them since christmas 2002 so it was nice to see them.

i got a lift back to the city with my b-i-l this morning so i managed to get the housework done relatively early. the tenants of flat 4 in my building had a garage sale today and i got a small tv table for $30 - it's better than the one i had but now the tv doesn't work - i've plugged it back together incorrectly - doh!! lucky i don't watch it very much and i've got today's newspapers to read. i'm off to do that now.

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