Tuesday, June 21, 2005

tag team meme

i've been tagged for a book meme by bryn

number of books i own:
um, let me work this out... 5 boxes full that have been hiding under my bed for the last 5 years - approximately 50 books per box. two small bookshelves with about 50 books each, the large box full in the spare room that holds, um, probably 100. the pile up of books next to my bed - about another 50... lets just say lots!

last book i bought:
the light of day by graham swift and keeping faith by jodie picoult - how can you buy just one at a time??

last book i read: lovely bones by alice sebold

books that mean a lot to me: eek! all books mean a lot to me. i adore books!

i am tagging: because i've seen this in several other places, i'm tagging anyone who has not already done it :)

i've also been tagged by shirl

the first part: list 5 things from your childhood that you miss the most.

my 5 things are:
visiting my grandmother
the total lack of worry about the future
hanging out down at the creek with my friend kerrie
summer school holidays - they seemed to go on forever
a bag of lollies for 10c and there would be enough for the whole week

the second part: remove the #1 item from the list below, bump everyone up a place and add your blog's name in the #5 spot. you need to actually link to each of the blogs above and below, so everybody gets the benefit of other people checking out their blog. pass it on to three other bloggers.

wandering willow
bread crumbs
always a dreamer
other side
3rd daughter

i am tagging: karen, mal & anyone else who wants to do it!