Wednesday, June 22, 2005

change of plans

i took an annual leave day today so that i could attend to some medical things. i don't know what the universe is trying to tell me but both appointments have been cancelled. yesterday, i had to cancel my appointment at the women's hospital outpatients department due to unforeseen events - wtmi if i explain this in detail so i'll leave it at that. the other one, the ct scan, was for 10am this morning although i had to be there at 9am to drink some concoction to dye my insides. i was on the bus on the way to maroubra when my mobile phone rang - the machine to do the scan is broken and they are waiting on a man to come along and fix it. the lady offered to call me back when it was fixed but had no idea when that would be and considering that i have to fast for 6 hours before the scan, anytime later today would be difficult. i stayed on the bus and went to eastgardens, thinking i could get my haircut but it was too early and just cuts was not open. i went past the store where i recently bought my new jacket and trousers and their 30% sale was still on - they had the same jacket in a nice chocolate brown so i just had to buy it... i think i'll wear it to the interview this afternoon - i'm just hoping that it will still happen!!

i also think the universe is taking my search for a new job quite seriously - an agency that i registered with last year called this morning about job they would like me to consider - i'm waiting on an email with the job description and will see what happens from there...

i now have a whole day to waste so i'm going to walk down to coogee and look at the ocean - it will be good for my soul and my blood pressure. for the first time in my life, my bp is higher than it should be and i'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the stress i'm putting myself through at work. a nice walk, some sunshine and the ocean air will do me a world of good.

so far, it is an 18 day which is 180% of the RDDHA - i will admit that 16 of them were in the pet shops at eastgardens - 5 totally gorgeous labradog puppies (2 black, 3 yellow), the most adorable tiny jack russell pup and another 10 assorted cross breeds. they were all wearing their early morning bright eyes and bushy tails and were jumping about playing happily with their cage mates. i always make a detour to the pet shops at any shopping centre i go to, even if i have no business in that section. a guaranteed multiple dog sighting makes it all worthwhile.