Tuesday, June 21, 2005

wee jobbies

eek!! i have an interview tomorrow... 4 resumes sent, only mine got earmarked for an interview. wish me luck!! i am very nervous but feel quite confident. my friend jon.g is giving me tips on how to handle interviews - he is a dispute resolution expert / workplace mediator so i trust his advice. thanks!!

speaking of new jobs, my friend jules has one - she will be moving to england for 3 years!! we just get reacquainted and now will be torn apart again. it gives me motivation to save some money so i can go and visit her.

i'm having an abdominal ct scan tomorrow to determine once and for all if i have gallstones or not. i have not had a bad attack for a while and the last one (two fridays ago) was very minor. if this scan does not shed any light on the problem, i will have to have an endoscopy - eek!! a camera down the throat... wish me luck, again!

a 4 day yesterday which was 40% of the RDDHA.

zero day today - bummer...

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