Sunday, June 05, 2005


eek, another apology for language is in order... luckily i had all my old explorer bookmarks but i have still lost 6 months worth of new ones. i am soooooo annoyed because all of my stored passwords disappeared too. *grrr*

yesterday was spent doing absolutely nowt, except lurking about on the net and watching a dvd - morvern callar - i managed to fall asleep before it got half way through, so i'll have to watch it again. i also have walking on water, bend it like beckham, hurlyburly and animal factory to watch as well. looks like lots of naps on the couch this week

today was housework day - not all done but it does look like a human lives here, not a bunch of out of control piglets... as a reward, miss e and i used our* filmink freebie and went to see the assassination of president nixon - don't see this film if you are feeling the slightest bit sad or emotional - quite shattering...

* by 'our' i mean that miss e has very generously offered to share the cost of the magazine subscription as she nearly always gets to use the 2nd freebie - i would still buy the subscription anyway but it was a nice gesture - thank you!

and it wouldn't be a good weekend without some quality - some old, some new - always fun.

unconscious mutterings
  1. Exhibit:: A
  2. Evolution:: charles darwin
  3. Loser:: L for...
  4. Hypnotic:: kaleidoscope
  5. Unlikely:: ...event
  6. Interrupt:: intrude
  7. Ambivalent:: one way or another
  8. Rise and fall:: breathing
  9. Indian:: food
  10. Prophecy:: prediction
a 5 day which is 50% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
silent alarm : bloc party
turn on the bright lights : interpol