Wednesday, June 22, 2005

lost in the plot

well, the interview was ok - more an informal chat. i've been asked to come back next week for a 2nd interview... could be good... just have to be patient...

my friend gk had the afternoon off so he drove me there and picked me up again afterwards. i was so glad that he did - i knew where it was but it is a 'business park' so there are lots of places in the one huge block and this goose had written down the wrong unit number - doh! had i got the bus (which drops me off one block away!) i would probably still be wandering about. at least i was smart enough to get the contact number of the company from the agent - i was able to call them to confirm the right number!

the best part about the job is that it is a new position so if it becomes mine, i will be able to have some input into the way things get done. it is a uk company that has been here in oz for 2 years and has had some recent rapid growth. it will be a challenge to begin with but i think i can deal with that! please keep your fingers crossed for me!

i forgot to say earlier, i did take my walk down to coogee and it did do me a world of good. how gorgeous is this...

winter at the beach :)

i also managed to get my hair cut at the randwick 'just cuts' on the way home so i was having a 'good hair day' (the appropriateness of this comment will be revealed if i get the job...)

and just found a link to these pick up lines over at the lovely karen's blog (tee hee hee):

To pick up 3rd daughter:
Do you believe in love at first sight... or should I walk by again?

To pick up susan:
You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.

eventually turned out to be a 23 day which is 230% of the RDDHA - woo hoo!!

music to my ears
no music today - i was too nervous to listen to anything...