Thursday, June 30, 2005

cats & dogs & playing cards

probably not enough to break the drought but it has been raining steadily down here.

i am blessed.

i was talking with a girl at work today about our lotto ticket in tonight's draw. i pulled out my two lucky four leaf clovers and the photocopy of the scratch lottery ticket that my grandmother won $10,000 with about 20 years ago. at the same time, my nana's funeral notice also fell out reminding that it was 17 years ago today since she passed away. i immediately knew that she was there with me - scoff all you like, i know when she is around me as i have the same physical reaction every time. i felt happy and loved for the first time in a long time.

i left work just after 4pm in order to get to the post office as i had a parcel to collect.

would it be the book from that i have been waiting 4 weeks for?

would it be the parcel that my 16 year old niece alluded too when chatting on msn last night?

would it be the parcel from the ever wonderful shirl (that she thought not as it was only posted last week)?

yes, shirl! postal miracles do happen!! the playing cards are just the cutest thing ever!!! a million billion thank yous!!!!

treats from michigan

a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA - nobody wants to walk their dogs in the rain

music to my ears
the best of : new order
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