Sunday, June 12, 2005

fireworks and the fun of the fair

a combination of events has led me down the path to a bad case of the blahs. i hate my job, i hate my life. that is all i will say on the matter.

to escape the drear, i took off yesterday and went to visit jules on the other side of the harbour. this entailed a ferry ride to manly, which is always good for the soul, especially with bloc party screaming my ears. i went with jules and her family to see the fireworks at the st ives fair. her two year old son had a lot of fun on the fairground rides and then we went home and watched the clearing on dvd. i stayed overnight and today we went shopping in bondi junction. i was very restrained and only bought a $2.50 gas fuelled lighter to light my stove. we have a long weekend to celebrate the queen's birthday, so no work tomorrow - yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

unconscious mutterings
  1. Wally:: where's...
  2. Phantom:: pregnancy
  3. Slippery:: eels
  4. Fungus:: toadstools
  5. Slot:: coin operated
  6. Type:: cast
  7. Discharge:: battery
  8. "We need to talk”:: i have something to say that you probably don't want to hear
  9. On the spot:: fine
  10. Liquid:: lunch
a 35 weekend which is 175% of the RWDHA

music to my ears
silent alarm : bloc party
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol