Thursday, June 16, 2005


i've been lurking about but have not had much to say, so figured it was best to say nothing. not a lot has been happening except maybe some excessive retail therapy sessions...

a new handbag - like i need another one...
a red polarfleece hat - toasty warm
two new books:
the light of day / graham swift
keeping faith / jodie picoult
black cotton trousers and a black jacket/cardigan type thingy (30% off sale)
new undies
two pairs of shoes (cheapies from big w)
2 cds:
addicted romantic / faker
please / pet shop boys - just had to have 'west end girls'

that's the overtime money i earned, sucked straight from my bank account, thanks to the glories of eftpos... of course this spending frenzy does not make me happier but it gives me things to be distracted by...

as Susan will tell you - So Happy It's Thursday!! One more day and here comes the weekend!!

and a little gift, just so you don't feel that i've been neglecting you, look here

a dizzying double digit 63 long weekend which when averaged out over 3 days is 210% of the RLWDHA. this shortened working week has so far yielded 14 visions which is slightly under par but the weekend canine carnival more than makes up for that. today's dog count is sponsored by babs of spazzymoto's revenge...

music to my ears
please : pet shop boys (actually just west end girls, obsessively, over and over...)
addicted romantic : faker
silent alarm : bloc party
substance : new order
greatest : duran duran
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol
songs for polar bears : snow patrol
the final straw : snow patrol
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
diamond mine : richard clapton
abc 702