Friday, June 17, 2005

open the vent

i know i've said it before, but i have to say it again.


this week ended in much the same manner as last week. with end of financial year looming, we are heading up for your busiest period of the year. the call centre has not met their critical standards of service for a long time now. 5 people have resigned in the last few weeks and there is no time to train any temps or new starters before the starts to hit the proverbial fan. all this means that the dwindling backup team (there are 4 of us left and one is off on maternity leave in a few weeks) are being asked to give up more and more hours in our workday to help the call centre cover up for the fact they cannot manage their workload, which in turn makes our workloads suffer. it would be ok if we were treated with some respect and at least knew that our support was appreciated but that just never happens. twice last week the call centre team leaders found it necessary to throw some last minute orders for us to get on the phones and take calls - thursday's request for an extra half hour came at 1.25pm when i had just left a total waste of time one hour meeting in order to do my usual hour of backup. this kept me on the phones until 3pm and meant i did not get a lunch break. afterwards, the admin manager advised that i have to spend 3 full or 6 half days on the phones between june 23rd & june 30th. this is the same woman who, 12 months ago, promised to get more staff trained in call centre work to expand the backup team and that there would be regular meetings with call centre team leaders to be kept up to date with any new procedures etc. of course, none of this has happened so there were some words that sounded like a vague apology but it was just lip service. i bought up a few issues that were agreed needed to be addressed but i doubt anything will change. the only future i can see in this company involves having to support a team that does not appreciate the work we do for them and takes advantage of us on a regular basis - that is not the future i want. today, this lack of consideration was made crystal clear. there is a standard backup session on thursdays and fridays when the call centre have their weekly team meetings. usually if the meetings are cancelled, we are advised and don't have to log in. i logged in at 3.30 and by 4.30 when i had not been advised that the meeting was over, i called the team leader who advised that the meeting had just ended. i did not believe her, so got my team leader to confirm exactly when the meeting had finished. it turns out that the bitch had told me a baldfaced lie as they had not even had a meeting and had neglected to tell us this. to say i spat the dummy is a fairly major understatement. tonight, i am trawling the job websites and giving some consideration to calling in sick on monday - i might just beat some people up if i have to see them too soon...

anyhoo, how was your day?

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