Monday, October 03, 2005


32°Cof spring hijack in sunny sydney today. i love the sun, but i can do without the heat. please let me have my beloved spring before the real heat & humidity turn up. ugh!!! if i hear one more freaking radio or tv weather presenter celebrating the decidedly unspringlike temperature today, i will go crazy. if i hear someone else say 'summer is almost here', i swear i will go out and get me a gun!! my first words this morning were of the four-letter variety and aimed squarely at the blithering idiot on the radio!!

monday madness! otto says " I once ran a meme called What's On ... Right Now? It's been a while since that site has been closed, but thinking about it has inspired me to ask the following 3 questions...".

1. What's on your computer desk?
my monitor sitting on it's little stand, boombox radio thingy & it's remote control, keyboard, modem, ipod belt clip, dust, batteries to be recharged, 2 bottles of facial moisturiser, 1 small bottle of body moisturiser, jar of cotton buds (q-tips), my pedometer, 2 rings, italian charm bracelet, nail clippers, spindle of blank cds, computer speaker, rent receipts, mobile phone, stapler, cereal dish from breakfast that i ate at 1.15pm, two teaspooons, a coaster, mouse, mousepad, clothing catalogue, water bottle, printer, box of junk, various vitamin bottles, two large bottles of moisturiser, mascara, box of cotton buds, italian body oil, my zen calligraphy board, a jar of moisturiser...
2. What does your computer desktop background look like?
like this
3. What's on your agenda for the upcoming week?
wake up, go to work, come home, get on the net, remember to breathe... pretty much the same as every other week...