Sunday, October 09, 2005


today, i had a lovely day out with a new canadian friend, another person who has stepped out of the virtual world and into reality. we went to king's cross (sydney's seedy, bohemian red-light district - less colourful and seedy by day), had coffee and some brunch in a darlinghurst cafe, then walked down to the city and on to darling harbour. we had a brief visit to star city (it was nice to escape the heat) and then walked through darling harbour back to central. my feet are sore and i'm soooo tired so i think i'll be having an early night.

unconscious mutterings
1. Quirk:: eccentricity
2. Crystal:: quartz
3. Pet Peeve:: stupid people
4. Cuban:: heels
5. Breasts:: boobies
6. Whispers:: chinese...
7. Complicated:: simple
8. Promise me:: one thing
9. Murder:: most horrid
10. Filament:: light bulb

i lost count but it was a 20+ day which is >200% of the RDDHA yippee!!!